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Virtual Assistants for Digital Entrepreneurs

Virtual assistance was made official in 1997 and in countries such as the United States it is normal to hire a virtual assistant to deal with contracting a moving agency for example, or to delegate administrative work. In other countries, like El Salvador, not only are professionals reticent, but the secretaries themselves find it difficult to transition from the “real” office to the “virtual” one. It’s a matter of mindset, and like languages, it takes time.

The digital entrepreneur is already used to carrying out their business on the Internet, have a dynamic site, one or more blogs, carries out email marketing activities, knows perfectly the latest technological and IT tools, and are already ready for change because they’re part of the change!

This type of professional also knows virtual assistance and it is therefore familiar with outsourcing and is willing to hire a virtual assistant.

So, what can a virtual assistant do for a digital entrepreneur?

  • Manage their blog

  • Email management

  • Web management

  • Prepare presentations and publish them on specialized sites

  • Social media management

  • Search on the internet

  • Carry out email marketing campaigns

  • Organize online events: webinars, video conferences, etc.

  • Provide support to their customers (customer care).

  • Etc.

As you can see, there are several activities that a virtual assistant can carry out that makes its figure a specialized web professional, certainly far from the figure of the traditional secretary. In AdminHelpSV we are constantly reading and continuing with paid courses to reach a level of professional specialization that will allow us to propose ourselves to the niche of online entrepreneurs.

If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment, it will be a pleasure to answer you!

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