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The work of a Virtual Assistant in El Salvador is still poorly understood. So we thought of gathering here all the most frequently asked questions about this profession, also known as remote personal assistant.


Are you a secretary who works from home?

Not really, the tasks of Virtual Assistants go beyond those of a simple secretary who works remotely. The Virtual Assistant is a professional able to guide customers to targeted solutions for their business' growth.

The Virtual Assistant is a very versatile professional figure who, depending on the type of previous work experience, can perform different types of tasks. A Virtual Assistant can take care, on behalf of its customers, of administration, secretarial, writing for a Web, manage social media, etc.


Do you use special tools to work from home?

Thanks to digital technologies everything is very simple! We use Google Apps (Calendar, Gmail, Drive), but also other software such as Slack and Trello. If instead we need to speak directly with customers or their collaborators and suppliers, we prefer to use the phone or Zoom.


How many hours a week do you work?

Being a freelance Virtual Assistant gives you the opportunity to organize the working day based on the client's needs and our personal commitments. If we work together, we will agree one or more weekly meetings on Zoom where we will take stock of the situation and plan all subsequent actions. Remember that, as freelancers, we have other clients, so we ask you to use the hours you have acquired. In addition, for any urgency we will always be available via email.


Will you work exclusively for me?

Like all freelancers, we work with multiple clients, guaranteeing maximum professional commitment and seriousness to each. Depending on the package you decide to purchase, we dedicate a number of hours required to the Virtual Assistant tasks you entrust us with, guaranteeing a punctual and precise job.