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Being a Virtual Assistant in El Salvador is not easy, but luckily things are changing

Updated: May 21, 2020

If we think about when we started this profession, we can definitely say that things are actually different now. At the time, nobody knew what a Virtual Assistant was, and we’re talking about ordinary people, family, friends, and even colleagues. When we started promoting our work, comments were mostly doubtful or skeptical, some of them even told us they had an “idea” or a “thought” about what a VA is; there were also enthusiastic ones, the pat on the shoulders “That’s great, what a brilliant idea!”, but no one was really aware of the fact that this activity has already existed for at least 20 years.

Virtual Assistants in the world

Talking about Virtual Assistance was like talking about the existence of UFOs, you know, working with a person you don’t know, you can only see them virtually, they’re not physically present in the office… In fact, the existence of aliens could have also been taken into consideration, but a person who works from home just wasn’t conceivable.

It was difficult to understand how easy it can be to work with a VA, work tools are easily available online and allow any exchange of information, communication, interaction and, in large part, are also free. The costs of a VA are much lower than those of an employee, there’s no problem in contract duration. For some people, the mere fact of not having the person in the office made everything incredibly complicated or rather, in our opinion, the change they had to face to start working with a VA was so radical that it gave people the creeps.

Nowadays, terms such as “digital” and “innovation” are increasingly used all over in the media. It must have been the invasion of apps, given the fact that now there’s an app for everything, or the boom in online shopping, which has increased significantly over the years, etc. We can’t say exactly what triggered this revolution, we’ll probably never know, but it must be something physiological. If the whole world is “giving up” to the Internet, to virtual things, El Salvador cannot afford to do otherwise, it must adapt to these new forms of communication or else it’d remain out of the game. This is why it’s essential to reset the whole work-related system.

So, what has changed for Virtual Assistants?

Well, to begin with, no more raised eyebrows when we talk about what we do. Our country has finally come to the conclusion that businesses are rapidly evolving in the digital world. This new direction brings new professions, languages, etc., and not following these rules, in our opinion, not only will not bring business, but neither will it allow you to adapt and/or evolve.

What do you think of these changes? Do they scare you? It would be great to read your comments in the box!

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