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Work: How it changes and how to benefit from the change

We talk insistently about work: increase in unemployment, increase in the retirement age, etc.

Turning on the television and reading news on the Internet early in the morning doesn’t help us start the day right. They suggest that we immediately put ourselves in a state of anxiety that will accompany us throughout the day, ruining every moment that we could and should enjoy. Yes, because it is useless to deny it, we’re good at complicating our lives and immediately putting ourselves in a negative state even without any reason.

What if an opportunity arises from every crisis?

Einstein’s thought on the crisis has always fascinated us and encouraged us not to give up. Difficult situations help us to improve in every field and therefore also in the workplace. From situations that are now static and that must be overcome, new opportunities arise and we can see it every day.

We think of the new professions that are emerging. The notorious crisis has sent many people home but at the same time has favored the development of new professions mainly linked to the Internet.

Professions like ours, that of the virtual assistant, which allows us to work better and respecting our personal and family needs. There is talk of flexibility that increases productivity, of smart working because in a less hostile environment one is more efficient and happy, of making the worker feel at ease because in this way they will also be more performing. In my opinion, the job of a virtual assistant encompasses all this and offers much more.

Virtual assistant, job of the future

We find that the advantages of a virtual assistant are so many and not only for those who practice this profession but also for those who use it.

To those who are virtual assistants, the job:

  • allows you to focus on your skills and needs, whether you want to work on the move or stay at home with your family without giving up on work

  • allows us to choose which services to offer based on our skills and preferences whether it is blogging, graphics, copywriting or admin services

  • offers us numerous possibilities for growth and expansion

  • teaches us to face challenges and to experience firsthand the fact that nothing is impossible

Of course, the people we work with will also benefit from our collaboration:

  • they will have at their disposal a manager capable of advising them and giving useful suggestions

  • they will learn to delegate and will find that they save a lot of time

  • they will soon understand that their interest is also our interest and their goals are our goals.

What do you think? Do you agree in defining the virtual assistant as a job of the future?

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