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Why You Should Have a Blog

Blogs were born to be virtual diaries. Over the years, however, this vision of the blog has changed and evolved. Blogs have specialized in one topic (food blogs, travel blogs, etc.) and some bloggers have become real celebrities and influencers of a certain sector: what they write and post influence people so much so that companies often compete to offer their products to test and review in order to have advertising and visibility.

To open a blog now it’s necessary to clearly establish what you want to talk about: well written posts aren’t enough to be successful. It is necessary to organize them systematically, with full knowledge of the topic you’re writing about.

Defining the topic you want to talk about is important: First of all for good programming but also, and above all, to find the topic that really interests us, which allows us to write with continuity and enthusiasm.

One of the biggest problems, in fact, of those who manage a blog, is the effort of finding topics for posts, ideas to be explored and topics to be treated. If the topic has been chosen with care and writing it’s a real passion, you will feel the enthusiasm by reading the articles, and then it will be easier to continue updating the blog without getting bored and abandoning the project. 

Once we have clearly defined the topic that we are passionate about and that we want to write about, it is essential to study. First of all the competition: given the great diffusion of blogs, it’s difficult that a topic hasn’t already been written about, but this shouldn’t discourage you, on the contrary, it must encourage us to look for ideas, analyze others to understand what works and what doesn’t, etc.

A grammar review is also important: it is essential to know how to write, make it easily readable and use correct articles not only for readers who deserve quality content, but also for Google in terms of SEO.

It is also important to interact: comments are fundamental and a blog must be combined with a strong presence in social networks. Although blogs started out as online diaries, they are now increasingly used for work by individuals, professionals and companies.

Advantages of having a blog

  • Better ranking in search engines. Google loves and benefits from dynamic and constantly updated sites over static and "dead" sites. Having a blog within the company website is therefore a great way to systematically publish content and make it dynamic, and also makes it easier to reach in searches thanks to the continuous use of the keywords used in the articles.

  • Make yourself known and showcase your skills and knowledge in the sector. Through blog entries, aspects of one's area of interest are explored, and competence and knowledge are shown.

  • Customer loyalty. The systematic nature of the publication of interesting content will lead the reader and client to return to the site / blog to read the latest articles, learn about the news and interact through the comments.

There are so many positive aspects of opening and managing a blog, but the considerable time that must be invested can be an obstacle, and many customers don’t have time.

As AdminHelpSV virtual assistants, one of the services we offer is managing a blog. We obviously don’t know everything but we can collaborate with the search for information and ideas for new articles, or once the material has been provided by the customers, we proceed with the drafting of the text or even take care of the revision of it and publish it online with particular attention to SEO.

So, even if there’s no time it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the project.

Do you have a blog? Have you achieved greater results since you have one? What difficulties did you encounter in managing it? We are very interested in your experiences, share them in the comments!

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