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What are the professional skills needed to become a Virtual Assistant?

We personally believe that everything can be learnt in life, but there are certain prerequisites that can help when learning a new profession. For example, we could never be experts in mathematics; although we’re aware that mathematics is the basis of almost all disciplines, including languages, over time we understood that grammar is nothing more than an application of mathematics to a field that seems “literal.”

As for virtual assistance, surely having a background as a secretary or assistant helps because you become familiar with the paperwork, you learn what it means to delegate, and in many cases you can also see things from the point of view of a "boss". If you have been a secretary or an assistant, you might have certainly thought, “What is he asking me to do? Wouldn't it be better if I did this other thing? Or if I did this in this other way?” This type of contribution is not always appreciated by some bosses.

A client who delegates to a Virtual Assistant (VA) seeks precisely this type of initiative, a "panoramic" vision that is acquired by working as a secretary is certainly a useful skill to become a VA. The truth is that not all Virtual Assistants are former secretaries, so it’s not a sine qua non requirement; however, it is necessary to have certain predisposition to technology.

There are some basic tools needed to work efficiently remotely like Google Calendar, Outlook, or any other agenda management system that can be synchronised remotely. There are Zoom and other instant messaging tools, Google Drive or Dropbox, etc., but don’t worry if you don't know them all, you just need to at least have an "investigative" spirit to keep up to date on the latest tools and applications to do a great job.

A Virtual Assistant must also have knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, VA’s should also know and understand the different strategies to be adopted for each social network, a little bit of graphic design, customer service and so forth. The list is long and it all depends on the niche in which you decide to specialize.

Virtual Assistants are presented to customers with a unique value proposition that distinguishes them enormously compared to an employee, in simple words we are both entrepreneurs.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter! Do you have any other requirements in mind to become a Virtual Assistant? 

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