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What and how to delegate to be more efficient

We live in a society in which we are used to hectic times: it almost seems that if we are not always in a hurry and don’t have millions of things to do, we are not productive and efficient.

This inevitably leads to situations of stress and frustration: stress because we constantly live as if a hungry lion is running after us, and frustration because when we can’t keep up with all the commitments, we fell inadequate.

In the post Why you should hire a Virtual Assistant we’ve already given you some suggestions and one of them is about delegating.

It’s quite normal to be victims of delusions of omnipotence "Only I can do it", "It is useless to delegate, as they will not do it as I would", and so on. The truth is, many people don't delegate because they don't know how to do it or what to delegate.

And this is where Virtual Assistants come into play, a professional figure trained precisely to answer to this problem common to entrepreneurs and freelancers. These often underestimate the importance of delegating and continue to insist on wanting to do everything themselves simply because they don’t know what are the primary activities of their business to which only they should devote themselves and which are the secondary activities that can therefore be delegated.

The result is that most of these entrepreneurs devote their time to administrative activities, small accounting and neglect the primary activities of their business. These are the ones only you can do. Secondary activities, on the other hand, are those that another person, properly educated on the subject, could easily do. If you spend most of your time dealing with side businesses, you aren’t saving money by not hiring another person, instead you are losing money because you spend time answering phone calls and emails, instead of producing what generates you revenue.

Whatever you profession is, we recommend that you make a list of all the activities you carry out every day and then put them into two columns: those that only you can do and those that you can delegate. You will be amazed to find out home much free time you will earn by delegating!

Now that we’ve detected what can be delegated, we just have to analyze how to delegate, what it takes to do it in the best way and thus optimize time.

Write your list of things to delegate and share it with the community in the comments!

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