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Real Estate: Tasks to be delegated to a Virtual Assistant

Are you a real estate professional? Do you need help but hiring someone full time would mean taking on a series of unjustifiable costs for the amount of work you would have to delegate? A solution? Delegate to a Virtual Assistant! As an online real estate assistant, we help realtors short sale houses in the US. We do it as efficiently and quickly as possible.

We mainly work with realtors and have learned a lot from them. The real estate world is constantly evolving and us with it. Here are a few tasks VA’s can do for you:

1) Call lenders and get the short sale requirements: A VA can call the lender and get information such as fax number to send the LOA (Letter of Authorization), fax number to send the short sale packet, foreclosure activity, etc.

2) Prepare the material for seminars and meetings: You may want to organize a seminar on topics that people need to learn before they short sale properties, a method also useful for finding new clients. A VA can prepare a presentation to be used during the meeting, create invitation flyers, as well as advertise it on Social Media.

3) Always keep your website and blog up to date: Your Virtual Assistant can move the blog section of your site by sharing articles that may be of interest to your audience, updating the page of your sales team, etc. They can also keep your WordPress website up to date and make changes as they become necessary.

4) Manage your ads on real estate platforms: Keeping your ads up to date on all management systems you use to publish them on the various real estate platforms is stealing too much precious time? Your VA can do it for you!

5) Manage your social presence: Your VA can post articles that you find interesting for your audience on Twitter or Facebook. You can set up campaigns on Facebook, Twitter cards, and much more.

Do you think of any other tasks a VA can help you with in the real estate world? Let us know!

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