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How To Prepare a Good Presentation for Clients

It is very important to always be prepared to explain what you do in a few words, clear and concise, short, but trying to capture the client’s attention and lead them to ask you for more information and clarifications about your business. At this point we can get lost in the details. This is true in any case, whether you’re introducing yourself to an audience of entrepreneurs or talking to someone whom you haven’t seen in a long time. Business opportunities can be anywhere!

These are a few things a good presentation must have:

  • Highlight the benefits that your customer derives by making use of your professionalism. People care about their advantages and remember them.

  • Be brief and concise. People pay attention to the first words you say, then they start to get distracted, to think about something else. You have a few seconds to impress them.

  • Pay attention to your body language. The attention of your interlocutor must be completely on what you say, if you get distracted you will be the one to induce him to distract himself from what you are saying.

Use slides for your presentation:

If you have little time to talk about your business, then you can decide to use slides. In this case, adding some tricks to what has already been said above.

  • Test the equipment you’ll need to use.

  • Use a few slides, summarise the content in the first slides, listing them from the most important to the least important so if you don’t have enough time and you have to skip a few points, you can omit the last ones.

  • Text must be legible, not to small. Guy Kawasaki suggests the 10/20/30 rule, i.e. a presentation must have 10 slides, must last 20 minutes and written in 30 pt characters.

  • Don’t put too much data or text in the slides because it would make them unreadable and you’d lose the attention fo your audience.

  • Animate the slides to make them more dynamic and interesting, that way you’ll keep the audience’s interest alive.

  • Last but not least, always be prepared to do a presentation without slides. Technology is great but it can play tricks on it sometimes. Better not to be caught unprepared.

Whether you introduce yourself to a large audience or to a single person, it is always a good idea to pay close attention to every detail. What do you think about it? We'd like to know your opinion.

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