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How To Grow Your Business

If you don’t believe in your business, why should anyone else? Believing in your business for us means being totally convinced of the quality of what we offer, so much so that we decide to invest time and money to increase the chances of growth.

This involves taking risks and making choices, but on the other hand anyone who has achieved success has had to “make even difficult choices and take risks”.

The risks we are talking about here are quite limites, in any ase it’s a question of deciding to invest sums of money now in anticipation of future gains. Yet sometimes we tend to consider these expenses just as mere expenses and we try in every way to avoid them. But if we look closely, we assume these expenses will have some kind of income or return in the future. They therefore become an investment.

The right time to invest

There is no mathematical rule on when is the right time to do it but sometimes it’s the situation in which we find ourselves that pushes us to make these choices.

Our sales are fairly stable and constant but we have run out of energies or time. We work every day yet we are behind with many things and above all we realize that we haven’t yet reached our economic goals.

Then it’s time to evaluate. Either we stay like this, reduce something or decide that we want to grow. To do so it is very useful to evaluate the appropriate investments to make.

What to invest in?

Online presence. Redesign the website to make it more appealing to the type of audience we want to reach. The cost of a redesign is an investment that must be carefully evaluated. We’re talking about our “space” on the web, our portfolio. Potential customers will walk by and have a first impression, this could be positive or not. How much we want to invest in our business depends on our evaluations.

In any case, keep in mind that the site is not just something that we must have. It’s a tool that, together with our social channels, will represent us on the web. So it’s essential to consider it from an investment perspective and not a simple cost one.

Online communication. We may find that we have great services or products but are unable to "explain" it to our potential customers. In this case we could invest in the work of a professional copywriter, who will help us to better communicate our message through the website and social channels.

Promotion. Ads, of course, but that's not all. Promotion is also possible thanks to the participation and / or sponsorship of events. By participating we have the opportunity to make ourselves known "in person" and it is always a positive thing. By sponsoring we can increase our visibility. All this in anticipation of a future return.

Update. This is an expense item that we should include in out budget every year if we want to maintain a high level of professionalism. Investing in courses to improve our training, learn new programs, update ourselves on topics we already know, is essential for our business.

We can also invest in a Virtual Assistant, to whom we can delegate part of our work: things that take us a lot of time. The return on this investment will be more free time. Yes, precious hours of free time to reinvest in our business or private life.

These are just some examples that we should evaluate precisely from an investment perspective: let's spend now to benefit from the fruits in the future.

What do you think? Is it easy for you to invest in your business? Or do you tend to avoid it in all ways?

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