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How Millennials have changed the world of business

Millennials, the most discussed generation ever in the job market. From mothers and fathers born in the persuasive 60s, millennials grew with the education of parents who lived through the boom years of consumerism, generating an egocentric and narcissistic nuance in their children. But while it hasn’t yet been determined whether this is just a story or not, millennials stand out for their great skills in the use of new IT systems and certainly, they will be the future!

But is the millennial a friend or an enemy? 

It does not matter. The time has come to give them credibility since, by 2025, this generation will represent more than 75% of the workforce. It's time to observe their ability to enter the job market.

This generation seems to have been able to completely change the working, selection, and communication method between worker and employee. How? Contrary to the stereotype that sees them as lazy and listless, Millennials work much harder than previous generations (44 hours the Salvadorian average). There are three elements this generation strongly requires:

  • Money

  • Security

  • Free time

A job that allows you to communicate with people of value, that guarantees economic peace of mind, which is full-time but also allows you to have free time. Instead of a single job for life, Millennials consider it essential to develop personal and working skills that allow them to remain busy and, above all, to implement a career path; and there’s a concrete working method that responds perfectly to these requests: Smart Working

Smart Workers are employees who are free to choose their own working methods in terms of place, time, and tools. Compared to the average worker, smart workers are more satisfied with their work and organizational methods. They also believe they have more time for the development of the so-called digital soft skills to allow people to use current digital tools to improve their productivity. Many large companies such as Amazon, StarOfService or Google apply smart working successfully. 

Millennials are small geniuses of technology. Growing between the 90s and 2000s they experienced the evolution of information, technology, and computers from the launch of the first tools on the market to today. They’re very efficient and able to adapt quickly to new contexts or situations. This could be an added value for start-ups and TECH companies, recognizing in them a high degree of independence.

Giving credibility to Millennials

Even if you don't want to, you're a fan of millennials and are aware that by 2025 they will represent most of the market's workforce. They may have inherited an incorrect management of the activities but, at the same time, they’re very able to adapt to change. Their social and technological nature has given them the opportunity to know what they have to do. They can also offer a brilliant solution that can lead to cost savings. 

By generating a perfect mix of millennials and profiles with greater seniority, businesses will prove successful and will lead you to success. After all, this is the most heterogeneous generation ever. Millennials are essential for transporting other generations into the era of digitalization.

What do millennials represent for the future of businesses and how do they work with Generation X?

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