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Effective Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media

What is the best social network to find customers? Which social network should I use to promote my business? What is the best social network for a “virtual assistant”? The simplest answer that come to us is: everybody and nobody, because there’s no preferential social network for virtual assistants. It all depends on you, on how and what you communicate, on what your goals are.

You need to have a strategy if you want results, you need to know your goals and how to measure the results. Finding customers isn’t a clear goal, it’s too general and is not measurable unless you clarify “find a customer to blog to, within a month, on LinkedIn”. This way you can work on a measurable goal.

This is one of the first things to consider and it is certainly the mistake that most people make on social media. You plan to use social networks to make yourself known, to promote your services, and then sell.

Instead, it’s important to understand that social networks are made to amplify a message. (Almost) no one will go on social networks to look for a virtual assistant, the user most likely saw an interesting post that responded to a particular need, and so they became aware of virtual assistance and in particular of the virtual assistant who posted the content.

It’s also good to remember to share other content (content curation), but we advise you to create as much content as possible. A good portion of your social media content should be of this type.

Get to know social networks

Not all social networks are the same, it seems quite obvious to us, yet not all of them make a difference when it comes to communicating, and usually publish the same post on all social networks.

The truth is that LinkedIn users are not the same as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter users. LinkedIn is the professional social network per excellence and is specific for those who work in B2B, so it is definitely useful to be on LinkedIn with a carefully created profile.

However, if you want to provide your services to artists, photographers, etc. the preferred channel could be Instagram or Pinterest.

Know yourself

If you like to write, then you can use LinkedIn or Medium. If you’re a big talker, you might want to use Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and IGTV. If you love photography and graphics, you should use Instagram and Pinterest.


Social networks are called social networks because it involves interactingestablishing relationshipscommunicating . Yet in many cases communication is absent.

Remember that communication is two-way: don't make monologues but interact, try to create conversation and participate in the conversation, attend groups and participate in the discussions that arise to come to knowledge of the "hot topics", ie those of greatest interest to your potential audience and above all answer the questions that are asked, in this way you will make yourself known, starting to propose yourself as a reference point, an expert in your sector.

Feel free to let us know in the comments if you have any other questions regarding which social network suits you best.

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