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Interview to a Virtual Assistant

We wanted to dedicate this blog post to the tasks a VA can perform remotely. The activities that can be delegated to VAs are innumerable and range from the most generic to the most specialized ones. Among the various services, these are the ones AdminHelpSV offers:

General services

  • Email management. Filter and sort emails in folders; answer the most frequently asked questions with templates agreed with the customer, preparing them if necessary.

  • Appointment management. Through applications such as Google Calendar, a VA can update the clients’ appointments.

  • Travel organization. Search and book the cheapest flights or hotels.

  • Online searches that may relate to competition, market surveys, supplier research etc.

  • Creation of presentations for meetings, etc.

Administration services

  • Simple invoice registration.

  • Creating documents in Excel or online platforms.

  • Sending invoices to customers.

  • Data entry.

Blogging and web marketing services

  • Creating and sending newsletters. Segment the lists of subscribers, prepare the newsletter and send it, analyze the opening rates and draw up reports

  • Creation of contents such as blog articles, video/audio editing and their publication.

  • Creating campaigns on Facebook

  • Creating small graphics for social media

  • On site SEO optimization for blog articles.

  • Google analytics monthly or weekly reports.

Starting form this list you could think about which activities you can delegate to a virtual staff.

Which ones take you the most time? These are all activities that can be easily delegated to a VA that would allow you to lighten your working days.

What do you think about it? I hope this blog entry helped you discover the potential of virtual assistance. If you want to know how to work with us, visit this page to find out how.

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