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How to work better online

Working online, or teleworking as it is often referred to, is certainly full of charm. In the common imagination it is seen as a way of doing a little bit as you want.

Everyone imagines that those who do an online job get up in the morning when they prefer and take it easy because they don't have a boss to account for.

The reality, however, is quite different.

Having a good attitude towards your job can make a difference

Whether you work in an office or engage in an online business, the attitude you adopt can make a difference in many ways.

Surely when we are motivated and happy at work we can be more productive, more efficient and achieve the success we deserve.

Living a satisfying situation also works as an input for everything we want to achieve, both in terms of work and private life.

How can we improve our attitude towards work?

As with anything, it is often enough to review a few details to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Of course, this also applies to working online.

  • Learn to be more focused. It goes without saying that those who work online tend to get distracted. It is inevitable. There are so many opportunities to divert concentration from what you are doing . From e-mail to Facebook notifications, perhaps followed by a message on your smartphone or a phone call. We certainly can't avoid these contacts, but we can learn to manage them so that they don't become distractions. 

  • Commit to doing only one thing at a time and abandon your natural tendency to multitask!

  • Create a to-do list . It must be easily achievable. A list that is too full has the opposite effect and instead of helping you to cope with the work day better, it generates stress and frustration because you cannot do everything you have proposed.

  • Set a timer that signals your next break, and enjoy your break without thinking for a moment about the work you’re doing and what still needs to be done.

  • Don't give yourself too many tasks. Overloading with work has the opposite effect. It makes you more anxious and increases stress and penalizes both your efficiency and the success of your tasks.

  • Even your computer desktop should always be well organized so that you can find the things you need immediately and avoid searching through too many icons.

By making simple changes you will be able to find the solution that best suits you and your work in accordance with your personality. You have to make sure that the time dedicated to work is always more pleasant.

What are you doing or have you done to improve the way you approach your work? Please share if you want.

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